New Album Out Soon


Dallas, Texas – November 9, 2018 – After performing on five of the seven continents and having worldwide success, composer and international singer Carmen Rosa is recording her first new English album, preceded by the release of her debut English singles; the inspirational “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and
her very own composition “About Tomorrow”

With music that touches everyone who hears, Carmen Rosa has proven her worth and then some. A beautiful blend of pop and rock that allow for tender moments in the form of ballads as well as uplifting gems that many find inspirational, Lo Bueno de la Vida is a delight to the ears.

This is her first mainstream album, and it will soon be followed up by another huge debut – her first English record. In the past, she’s stuck to Spanish, but she is taking the leap and tackling something new. Already she’s demonstrated she can execute music in any language with her English cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and her original, “About Tomorrow.”

While she’s a dynamo, Carmen has not done this alone. She’s worked with some of the best in the business. Music Director Francisco “Ito” Serrano and Abimanuel Hernandez who have worked with Luis Fonsi, Los Angeles icons of Mariachi Sol de Mexico, and Ricky Martin’s drummer Lee Levin. Each one added to Carmen’s sound and elevated it that much more.

Music isn´t the only thing Carmen Rosa has in her grasp. With an MA in Clinical Social Work, she is a certified Neuro-Coach, recently wrote her first book called Apartir de Ahora. When she isn´t doing those two things, she´s designing women´s accessories for her brand; Paupertas as well as helping those in need. Carmen Rosa is the Founder and President of Food For Hungry Children, a non-profit focused on helping children in need by providing them with healthy meals.

Again, her music has been heard around the world. She will be adding another continent to her list as she heads to Africa in 2019. For now, she’s focused on her shows in the states as well as Canada this fall. Those interested in covering an upcoming date in California, New Jersey or Toronto can reach out via the information below. The same goes for those interested in reviewing her debut English singles (“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “About Tomorrow”), or interviewing Carmen Rosa.