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About Me


Within the walls of her church in Puerto Rico, Carmen Rosa initially found her voice. Performing since the tender age of eight-years-old, she gained a solid foundation in the religious realm as not only a performer by a composer with a trio of albums to her name.

While her success has led her around the world, Carmen Rosa is ready to follow the path paved by some of her heroes and step into the mainstream with her latest
commercial release, Lo Bueno De La Vida as well as a separate English cover of
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and her very own (acoustic) “About Tomorrow”.

With her religious releases, Carmen Rosa has been to and featured around the globe. Since the start through today, she has performed in a great deal of Catholic Churches in five out of the seven continents including North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. On top of that, she has been showcased on both Telemundo and Univision throughout major markets in the United States. Thus, proving along the way that music is the universal language. The multitalented singer has made fans of non-Spanish speakers everywhere she’s been with her past releases and plans to do the same with her commercial debut, Lo Bueno De La Vida.

Carmen Rosa presents herself and music with a sense of beauty. A master of her craft, this seasoned composer brought her A-game and then some to Lo Bueno De La Vida. Both sweet and powerful, the album encompasses an uplifting spirit which is why she was inspired to also do an English cover of "Over the Rainbow” separately from the album. She notes of the song choice, "It’s a beautiful song with an inspirational message I identify with myself."

Wanting to maximize the most out of life and her gifts, Carmen Rosa hopes to capture the world’s attention much like that of her musical muse; Celine Dion. Like many, Carmen Rosa respects not only the Grammy-winner’s vocal abilities but her strengths offstage as well.

Music isn’t the only thing Carmen Rosa has in her grasp. With an MA in Clinical Social Work, she is a certified Neuro-Coach, recently wrote her first book called A partir de Ahora. When she isn’t doing those two things, she’s designing women’s accessories for her brand: Paupertas, as well as helping those in need. Carmen Rosa is the Founder and President of (Nahui Ollin, Inc.), a non-profit focused on helping children in need by providing them with healthy meals.

The current Dallas resident’s music in the past has already touched the lives of many with over 50,000 albums independently sold. Carmen Rosa plans on continuing her career and expanding upon it with the release of her mainstream, commercial album Lo Bueno De La Vida. Her ultimate goals, in her words, are, "To touch people’s hearts and positively impact their lives with beautiful messages, lyrics, and songs." Whether that is by way of them picking up a copy of her music or seeing her perform live.

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